The Energy Infrastructure In Our Bodies

Every day you need energy. Whether you are a busy mom chasing a couple of rowdy toddlers, a corporate executive pulling long hours at the office, or an athlete pursuing your new personal best record, energy is what keeps you going every day. However, the LACK of energy seems to be the story of our lives more often than anything else. People in increasing numbers are discovering that caffeine actually depletes energy, but if coffee doesn’t work, then what does?

How Does Cellular Energy Work?

The answer lies in an understanding of what our bodies do to deliver energy when we need it. At the risk of oversimplification, energy is a by-product having the right equipment with the right supplies in the right cells at the right time. It is more than just filling your tank with fuel.

The Factory Analogy

Think of a factory where there are many different pieces of equipment (robots, forklifts, etc.) zooming around to construct a product. In order to make this product, they have to go to the shelves where the parts are stored, bring the correct parts to the assembly location, and then put the parts together in the correct order. If the robot goes to the shelf for a vital part and the shelf is empty, then everything stalls. No more products can be completed until this part is back in stock. While they're waiting for the delivery, the unfinished products build up waiting for this crucial piece before they can go any further.

This Mini Factory Is in Your Cells

Now imagine that you reduce that whole factory down to the tiny size of a single cell. No, you don't have a warehouse with shelves that have parts on them, but you DO have equipment zooming around in an orderly process to complete their jobs. When they don't have the raw materials they need to do those jobs, everything comes to a halt. And when the job in question is about giving you energy, suddenly you feel fatigue, exhaustion, and a lack of well-being.

Science and Energy

When scientists go about exploring the cause for fatigue (and fixing it), we have to look at the entire infrastructure.

  • Which part is missing?
  • Is a machine broken down?
  • What supplements does this person need in their diet?
  • Is this deficiency due to improper absorption, or not eating it at all?

Typical Culprits

There are a few typical culprits when you start looking. Frequently, a deficiency is related to a molecule or element that our bodies cannot manufacture but must obtain in our diet. The easiest place to start in fixing fatigue is by supplementing your diet with these foods. Here are three of the most common culprits:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Essential Amino Acids

The Energy Infrastructure

From the time that a bit of food enters your mouth, the infrastructure has to be functioning properly in order to take the foods you eat, process them into the raw materials that your cells need, and ensure that the shelves are stocked in your cells' warehouses for all the needed supplies.

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