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A Nutritional Approach to Helping You Fall Asleep, Rest, and Recover

When you wake up tired, it can feel like your day is ruined before it has even begun. And when this happens over and over again, your performance can start to slip, frustration can start to mount, and emotions can begin to run wild. There’s no comparison for a full night’s sleep that leaves you feeling rested, recharged, and energized to start the next day. However, when sleep just won’t come to you, don’t give up hope. While many people turn to a medication or sleeping pill to help them to get to sleep, not everyone wants to go the pharmaceutical route. If you are looking for a more natural, nutritional approach to sleeping better, keep reading to learn how...

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How to Tell Your Brain to Go to Sleep Already

Sleep is a mysterious thing that is still not very well understood by science. It is regulated largely by neurotransmitter activity in our brains, meaning that it’s fair to say that to a great extent, your brain decides when you will go to sleep. However, if you’ve ever found yourself lying awake at night, willing yourself to go to sleep, you may have wished desperately that the conscious, “thinking” part of your brain would just please talk to the other part of your brain that decides whether or not to let you fall asleep. While it’s frustrating that you can’t just use your thoughts to send the right neurotransmitter to the right brain areas, you can use your intelligence and...

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