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Energy Capsules Overview

It’s a problem if you don’t have enough energy. When you were a child, you never knew what it was to run out of energy, but now that you’re an adult, life requires you to take on a role that sometimes demands more than you have to give.

It’s no fun to drag yourself through the day, tired, moving slowly, not having enough resources of strength to tap into.

It’s painful to watch your performance suffer due to fatigue.

It can be demoralizing to have a mind that’s full of ambition and a body that just falls short of the ability to pull through with the energy that’s needed.

You don’t have to be suffering from extreme or chronic fatigue to need an energy boost from time to time or even on a daily basis. Whether you’re an athlete looking for that next level of peak performance, a person with a career that requires demanding physical activity, or even a parent of small children, an energy capsule can be a lifesaver.

That’s why we created the energy capsules product here at Energy By Science. While there are a lot of energy products on the market, we didn’t feel that there were any of them out there that used a nutritional basis to deliver a genuine energy boost in a way that was safe and effective.

About our Energy Capsules

Our energy capsules are loaded with B vitamins, electrolytes, vital nutrients, and our proprietary blend of energy-boosting herbs and other molecules that your cells will absolutely love. The product is gluten free and contains NO yeast, milk/dairy, egg, starch, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives or flavoring.

Effects of our Energy Capsules

We wanted to create a product that wouldn’t just give people an initial rush followed by a crash. Our formula delivers long-sustained energy that will have your body jumping up and down for joy. The most surprising part? Our energy capsules are made using zero caffeine.

Learn More About Our Ingredients

If you are looking for a way to boost your energy, naturally, then our energy capsules are for you. Discover what it feels like to enjoy a vitality and energy that you know is healthy, too! The energy capsules by Energy by Science work by building your body’s natural energy reserves rather than by depleting whatever energy is already there. Our customers love getting results like these when they take these capsules:

  • Immediate energy
  • Sustained, consistent energy throughout the day
  • Improved mental clarity and alertness
  • Better ability to combat stress
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Metabolism boost at the cellular level
  • Quicker post-workout recovery
  • Better burnout recovery
  • Correct fluid balance and hydration

With effects like these, it’s a no-brainer to try our energy capsules and see for yourself what it can do for you. Try it today!

Why We Don’t Use Caffeine

When almost all the other energy products on the market incorporate caffeine into their product, why don’t we? It’s well known to the general public that caffeine provides an immediate surge of energy, and most people self-medicate for fatigue by simply drinking more coffee. However, we don’t include this beloved substance into our energy capsules for several reasons.

Before we get into these reasons, though, let’s be clear about the fact that we’re not saying that you should eliminate coffee, that caffeine is bad for everyone, or that you must replace your coffee intake with our energy capsules. Don’t get us wrong — we love our coffee, too, but it the wasn’t the right ingredient to include in our energy supplement. Here’s why.

Caffeine is addictive

We could probably make more money if we got people addicted to our product, but that’s not what we are after. We’d prefer for people who love our energy pills to come back for them again and again — not because they’re chemically dependent on them, but because they love how well they work. In other words, we expect that our energy capsules will speak for themselves. No need to get people addicted in the process.

Caffeine eventually stops working

There’s only so far you can go with caffeine before it fails to deliver on its promise to wake you up. Talk to almost any coffee lover and you’ll hear them say something along these lines: “A little bit of coffee used to keep me awake until 2 AM, but now I can drink it right before I go to bed, and it doesn’t do a thing. I fall right to sleep, no problem.”

Whether your favorite form of caffeine intake is coffee, tea, soft drinks, or other energy products, the effect is the same. Your body gradually becomes used to the effects of caffeine, requiring you to eventually increase the dose to see the same results.

There’s only so far you can go with this. Maybe at first, you increase from ordering a 12-oz cup to a 16-oz cup, and you think, “This isn’t so bad.” But then, you progress to two 16-oz cups, and before you know it, even a couple of triple- or quadruple-shot drinks aren’t enough to stave off the yawns. Plus, you can only go so far before you start having stomach pain and other symptoms from consuming that much caffeine.

This is just the nature of caffeine dependency, and it’s a big reason why we’ve chosen not to go that route in our energy supplement.

Caffeine comes with a crash

Let’s go back to the stage where caffeine is still working. You get that jittery feeling about 15 minutes after you drink a cup of coffee, and suddenly you’re enjoying super powers. This lasts for a while, but eventually, what went up must come down. The crash you experience as caffeine leaves your system can leave you with a much lower energy level than you had when you first drank the caffeinated product. This sets you up for a cycle of defeat: You drink coffee to get ahead, but then, the next time, you drink coffee to compensate for the side effects of drinking coffee. You’re in a downward spiral, going one step forward and two steps back, and it can be difficult to escape from that cycle.

There are people who need an energy supplement but can’t have caffeine

Not everyone can have caffeinated products, and if you’re among the ones who are looking for a caffeine alternative to boost your energy, you should try the energy capsules by Energy By Science. With so many products out there that do contain caffeine, we wanted to create something that would work for everyone.

If you still need and want caffeine, you can easily take it with your energy capsules

No one says you can’t have your cup of coffee and your energy capsules, too! However, that choice is available to our customers by not adding caffeine into our supplement. If it did contain caffeine, you wouldn’t have a choice, but since it doesn’t, you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether you’ll include caffeine in your diet along with the energy capsules. Caffeine is easy to obtain and readily available, while many of our ingredients are not. Therefore, we don’t think it will be burdensome to people to add their own caffeine if they want it.

YES, it is possible to boost your energy without caffeine.

For many people, caffeine represents the only option (or the major option) for how they will get a boost of energy when they need it. A great number of people simply aren’t aware that there are other nutritional methods of boosting energy, and even if they do realize it, it takes a lot of work to put together the right blend of ingredients to get a viable energy product. Here at Energy by Science, we love the fact that it’s not necessary to use caffeine to boost your energy when you need just a little bit of an edge for that athletic competition, that stressful deadline at work, or that tiring physical activity. Join the revolution! Discover along with us how easy it is to boost your energy without caffeine.

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Understanding The Body’s Basic Energy Mechanism

When you take an energy product, you’re eating or drinking a product that will interact with your body at the cellular level. Therefore, when you choose which product to take, choose wisely. Don’t just get taken in by marketing hype. Fad ingredients come and go, but what doesn’t change is the way your body processes ingredients that you eat. Make sure that any energy-boosting product you use is rooted in the science of the way your body processes and burns energy.

An Analogy to Your Body’s Metabolism

If you have a fireplace or woodstove, you can burn straw and paper and get a fire, but it won’t be a very hot fire, and it will quickly go out. If you’re hoping that that fire will let you sleep and keep your house warm until morning, think again. So you move on to a better fuel: wood. You get a nice hot fire, the wood is burning nicely, and you go to bed with a warm house. But you wake up in the morning, and the house is cold. The fire has gone out. However, if you upgrade yet again to some hard, anthracite coal, you can count on that fire burning all night with no problem.

What’s the difference? The difference is that you get a long, slow burn of fuel with coal. It takes a lot to get it going, but once it’s lit, you will have heat that lasts for hours.

The analogy breaks down a bit when we move to your body, because your body is far more complex and interesting than simply throwing coal into a woodstove. However, here’s the concept that we want to point out: Many energy products work by “burning paper” — you get a quick, bright result, so you think it’s working. However, before you know it, the fire has gone out. What we’re interested in is a product that’s more like coal. We want you to experience a long, sustained, consistent delivery of energy, so that you’re able to keep going strong all day.

The Body’s Basic Energy Mechanism

So what’s the body’s basic energy mechanism? It’s a tiny molecule called ATP, which stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. Imagine a bunch of little snowman-shaped characters wandering around your cells and holding up a wand with a detachable tip. They go around like newspaper boys, shouting, “Extra, extra, read all about it! If you break off my tip, I’ll give you some energy!” And the other little characters in the cell say to themselves, “Yeah, I need some energy, come here and I’ll break off your tip.” And then all the little snowmen go back to the mitochondria to get their tip put back on so that they can go out to the streets for another job. (This is a very simplified version of what goes on biologically, but we didn’t think you’d want to read about phosphorylation and electron gradients and all that good stuff.)

Back to the snowman analogy, what happens if you have a shortage of workers on the street? You’ll have cellular machines looking for the energy to do their jobs, but not finding it. Critical processes will get held up while your cells are waiting for the energy supply that they need. If some of these processes were the very ones that were supposed to help those snowmen get to the mitochondria where they could get their wands reset, then you’re really in a pickle.

How does this relate to your energy product?

Any energy product that you choose should operate by taking into account an understanding of the entire chain reaction that has to happen biologically for you to have energy. In order to produce constant, abundant quantities of ATP and then harness the energy that’s stored in that ATP smoothly and flawlessly, you need a bigger host of players than just caffeine.

If you don’t address energy at the root cause, you’re just burning paper and straw. You get a quick win, but it doesn’t last. In fact, it may do more harm than good by burning up vital nutrients when what you really needed was to replenish them.

Our name, Energy By Science, reflects the fact that we take the scientific process very seriously. Our founder and product creator is a medical doctor who understands that getting your body to deliver energy is not as simple as just looking for what ingredients bring you a quick energy surge when you eat or drink them. He looked for a product that addressed the key deficiencies that could show up anywhere along the line to you getting a great supply of ATP at all times, and he couldn’t find one, so he created his own. Now, this product is available to you, too. These energy capsules interact with your body at the cellular level and provide support to various stages of the energy-producing process. It is our aim to offer you not paper, not straw, and not even wood, but coal. Does your energy product deliver? Try the energy capsules today.

Beyond Immediate Energy - Building Your Energy Reserves

Humans have not always lived in America in the 21st century, with the wealth and the infrastructure to obtain food at any moment of any day. We’re lucky to live here when we do, but food has not always been readily available. Our ancestors needed to be able to survive through periods of fasting, scarcity, and drought, and they didn’t always have the luxury of eating every day, much less three meals a day. Good thing our bodies still know how to store that energy and release it when we need it.

However, building your energy reserves is not as simple as merely gorging on pizza and pasta and sugary drinks for a few months and then cruising on all the extra energy that’s available thanks to those fat reserves. Anyone who has ever gotten overweight knows that obesity is a way to increase your fatigue, not be brimming over with loads of extra energy. So what’s the key to storing up energy in an effective way so that it’s there when we need it? Again, the answer lies in the science of how our bodies store energy. So keep reading and learn what you can do to ensure that you’re storing energy in a healthy way.

Understanding Energy Storage In The Body

Your cells need energy to do their jobs, and ATP is the energy “currency” that they use to do almost every task. However, to create that ATP, your cells will start by using the most readily-available fuel source first. Once that energy source is used up, it will move on to the next-easiest available energy source, and only when those sources are no longer available, you will move on to the reserves. Knowing what these sources are and how they work will help you to optimize their availability in your body.

  1. Glucose

Glucose is a sugar built of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms, and it’s the primary source of fuel that your body will use to convert into ATP. Any other source of energy will have to be broken down into glucose first before being reduced to ATP. The sugar in your blood is a primary source of glucose for your cells. However, your blood sugar levels aren’t always consistent. When you’ve gone a long time without eating, your blood sugar levels drop. Your body will do what is available to keep your blood sugar from dropping below a dangerously low level, but you can help it out by eating regularly-timed meals, consuming enough fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and protein. Don’t make the mistake of feeding yourself sugar to boost blood sugar levels. Spiking your blood sugar too high will cause your body to have to react the opposite way in an attempt to lower your blood sugar.

  1. Glycogen

Your cells store glycogen as a readily-available energy source that is easy to access and break down (but not quite as easy as glucose). Think of a many-branching chain of glucose molecules strung together like beads on a necklace, and you have a rough idea of what glycogen is. If you need a quick burst of energy beyond what’s readily available from free-floating glucose, the next step your body will take is to break down some glycogen. Typically, you’ll store about one day’s worth of glycogen in your system and no more.

  1. Fat

Fat is your body’s long-term storage mechanism, and most people’s bodies will store three to four weeks worth of fat. Fat is the least accessible form of energy to burn, but it’s the most efficient form of energy storage, meaning that it packs the most calories into the smallest space. Because it’s the least accessible form of energy to your cells, it’s the last one that will get picked (barring situations like starvation, where your body goes to even more extreme lengths than that).

Getting more energy

This is the normal procedure for your body to tap into energy reserves, but how do you stimulate it to give you more energy when you need it? Here are a couple of points:

  • You can’t withdraw more energy than the amount you have in the bank.
  • On a short-term basis, you probably can’t expect your energy to come from fat, leaving only glucose and glycogen to draw from.

The role of adrenaline

Adrenaline is a hormone that’s manufactured in your adrenal glands. When it is released in your bloodstream, it leads a very short life (half of it will have disappeared after only two minutes), but in that time, it causes substantial physical changes in your system. Under natural circumstances, your body would only release adrenaline in an emergency. You would get a sudden surge of extra energy that would enable you to fight off an attacker or run away faster than normal. Among its many functions, adrenaline triggers blood glucose levels to go up, making extra fuel available to your cells.

However, most of us don’t live under natural circumstances. Many people live in a near-constant state of emergency, where every hour of the day, you’re dealing with a stressful circumstance. This causes adrenaline to get released again and again and again, exhausting your adrenal glands and depleting your body of vital resources. You get to a point where you just can’t continue to call on your body to deliver up another surge of energy.

Remember how we said you can’t withdraw more than what’s in your energy bank? What if there was a way to continually make the right deposits into your bank so that the resources are there to draw on? That’s what we’ve set out to do with our energy product. For instance….

  • Don’t run out of adrenaline. Our energy capsules are packed with L-Phenylalanine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, precursors (or building blocks) to make adrenaline.
  • Don’t get depleted of key nutrients. We’ve got you covered with a combination of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and manganese that will delight your cells.
  • Don’t let stress get the better of you. Our proprietary blend of herbs will vigorously fight back against stress.
  • Don’t let your blood sugar fall too low. This one is on you — eat regularly timed, nutritious meals.

When you consistently give your body the ingredients it needs, you’ll have the reserves in your energy bank to keep going strong all day long. Our product not only keeps you from being depleted, it contributes toward your reserves.

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Obstacles to Sustained Energy

Keeping fatigue at bay, and keeping up a long-sustained energy output, are easier said than done. Part of the fight is identifying the obstacles getting in the way of sustained energy, and doing what you can to counteract them.

Rechargeable Batteries vs Rollover Minutes

Many people mistakenly believe that their bodies are like phones with rollover minutes. If I eat a little extra now, I’ll have it to draw on later. While this is true to an extent, the reality is much more complex than that. We can’t just overeat and expect to be soaring on an energetic high the next day. In fact, we’re more likely to go into that dreaded after-lunch food coma and be less able to function rather than more.

Instead, think of yourself a little bit more like a rechargeable battery. If it takes you four hours to fully charge your phone, but you leave your phone on the charger for 40 hours, it’s still only going to reach 100% full, not 1,000% full. And the minute you remove your charger cord, the battery is going to start to diminish. However, while this may be a better analogy, it’s not the full picture, either.

For instance, why is it that some people seemingly have the energy to keep going all day with a tremendous workload, while others run out of steam before the day is two hours old? There are things that you can do to optimize your body’s storage of energy so that you have long-lasting, consistent energy output.

What’s the source of your fatigue?

Pinpointing the source of fatigue is not always easy, but here are some of the obstacles to having the energy to keep going all day long. Knowing what the obstacles are can go a long way towards knowing the right actions to take to get your energy back. Look for the source of your fatigue among these common culprits.

Sleep Disruptions

It shouldn’t be a surprise that lack of sleep is a major contributor to fatigue during the day, but if you’re struggling to get by, it may be as simple as needing more sleep. Many people simply don’t feel they have the option to take a nap during the day or get more hours of sleep at night, but have you looked into whether you could sleep more deeply, soundly, and refreshingly during the hours that you do sleep? Disturbances during sleep are very common and lead to you waking up not feeling rested. Try taking a sleep aid, such as the Sleep Capsules by Energy by Science. If you suspect the problem goes deeper, consider getting tested for sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.


You may be surprised to learn that sometimes, fatigue is actually a cry for water, but it’s true. Dehydration can be a source of feeling tireder than you should. Try drinking a minimum of 8 cups per day of pure, clear water and see if you can clear up your fatigue with a solution that simple.


Chronic inflammation typically begins in the gut and works its way out to some destination in your body. If you’re eating something that isn’t friendly to your system, such as a food that you’re allergic or sensitive to, your body will tend to respond with inflammation. This can lead to fatigue, joint pain, and autoimmune-like symptoms. Not a good recipe when you need more energy for your daily tasks. Try eliminating the foods that are the typical culprits for inflammation, like wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, certain fish, and soy, and see if you feel better. For a more precise approach, consider getting tested for food allergies.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Your body could be tired because you’re lacking one or more critical nutrients, or because your overall diet isn’t giving you what you need to be able to stay energized. Common nutritional deficiencies that lead to fatigue are too-low levels of vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid. Try ditching the sugary breakfast in favor of a protein-rich one, eat nutritious meals at regular intervals through the day, and take a multivitamin. Also, don’t forget to take your Energy Capsules, which contain vitamins and other nutrients that will help you to feel energized.


It’s possible that your fatigue is merely a symptom to an underlying condition, whether it’s a minor illness, such as a cold, flu, or infection, or something more major. Any of the following conditions can leave you feeling extremely tired. If your fatigue is caused by a chronic illness such as one of the ones listed below, you won’t solve your fatigue by merely taking an energy capsule. Please work with your doctor to address the root of the problem rather than applying a band-aid with energy-boosting products.

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Depression, Anxiety, or Grief

It may seem hard to believe to people who haven’t walked in your shoes, but mental anguish is a major contributor to physical fatigue. This fatigue is real and can’t just be addressed with some kind of “mind over matter” game. After all, it’s your mind that is in a very hard, sad spot right now, and it’s kind of a mockery to be told that you need to just “exert more mind over matter.” Realize that your brain uses approximately 20% of your body’s energy stores, and if your brain is distressed, it probably uses even more. This is a viable, biological reason for you to feel tired all over. Do your best to take epic care of yourself during this vulnerable time, follow the directions of your doctor or therapist, and don’t beat yourself up if you find that you can only make small steps at a time.

Who Our Energy Capsules Are For

Now that you know a lot about our energy capsules, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I like the sound of this! This might be for me!” If that’s what you’re thinking, high five! Yes, you should try them out and see the results for yourself.

Here are some of the main groups of people we had in mind when we created this energy supplement.

Employees in high-stress jobs

Does your jobs require constant intensity? Are you putting out fires all day long? Are you on call for long hours (or 24/7)? Are you on the go from the minute you wake up until the moment you fall asleep? Whether you’re a busy executive or a person working in a demanding career, you don’t have the luxury of downtime. When your job won’t give you the chance to rest, sometimes you feel like you need to get charged up with superpowers to meet the challenge. Our energy supplement won’t make you Spider Man, but it will definitely give you an edge. Don’t get left behind in the competitive market just because of lack of energy. Boost it with our Energy Capsules and notice the difference.

  • Executives
  • Salespeople
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Airline pilots
  • Broadcasters
  • Event Coordinators

People in physically demanding jobs

Maybe your job is not mentally stressful, but it sure is physically demanding, day in and day out, and you have the muscles to prove it. You started out strong, and you keep yourself strong, but don’t have the luxury to get sick, because you wouldn’t be able to work. Boost your body’s energy output with the Energy By Science product. You won’t be sorry.

  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Farmers
  • Construction Workers
  • Blacksmiths
  • Iron and steel workers
  • Roofers
  • Restaurant Waiters


Regardless of what job you have, if you’re an athlete, you know how much your workout means to you. And there’s nothing like a little healthy competition to help push yourself a little harder. When you are hunting for the next personal best or top score on your record, there’s no question that you need energy to do it. The beautiful part about our energy capsules is that they’re 100-percent athlete friendly, no matter if you’re in a professional sport or just getting shredded on your own. None of our ingredients are listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances, so you can boost your energy with absolute confidence that nothing is going to come back to bite you.

Health-conscious individuals

There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to guzzle down a bright blue, fizzy energy drink that’s loaded with who-knows-what chemicals. More and more people are looking for a more holistic, nutritional approach to boosting energy. You are into food-based ingredients, fresh and raw vegetables, fermented foods, and good, wholesome things like garlic and ginger. You love rocking the carrot juice, green smoothies, or kombucha, and you snack on kale chips, almonds, or avocadoes. So naturally, you want an energy product that fits in with that healthy lifestyle. Our energy capsules are for you!

Parents of small children

There’s almost no one on the planet that we respect more than parents with small children. You are providing an amazing service to your little ones, and you’ve already lost more nights of sleep than you can count while remaining patient, dedicated, and loving towards them. In the meantime, you still have to keep up with your job and all the activities that you were engaged in before you had kids, and somehow, you’re juggling everything. This is no small feat, and if you’re that parent, know that you’re doing one of the most superhuman feats of all. When you’re tired, dragging, and don’t know how you can go another step, an energy product might be just the ticket to replenish you and help you to keep going.

Normal people

Everyone needs a boost of energy now and then, and you don’t have to consider yourself an extreme individual to need to wake up and be alert. Whether you’re a college student studying for finals, a driver about to go on a cross-country road trip, or an elderly person who needs to shovel some snow, we have a product for you.

For everyone on our list, please be responsible, take the recommended dose only, and always remember that the main source of your energy should come from nutritious food, and the main way to deal with fatigue should be to get some rest. However, for all those times when you need that extra boost, we are here for you.

Try the Energy Capsules Today

You may be wondering, “Can I really get long-lasting, sustained energy that doesn’t come with a high price tag of a major crash afterward?” You are asking a natural question, and we’d love to answer it. The best way to answer it is to discover it for yourself. However, here’s what you should expect when you take our energy capsules.

It doesn’t feel like taking a drug, or even like taking caffeine. You won’t feel a jolt, like something has overtaken your body and is overriding everything that your body wanted to do. In fact, it will probably feel so normal, you may not even notice how much better you feel. This is because our ingredients are made to incorporate themselves seamlessly into your body’s natural processes.

But what you will notice is that at the end of the day, you had energy to keep going all day. During the course of the day, you had mental alertness, stamina, and strength. If you were doing physical activity, you get to the end of it and realize that you’re not as drained as usual. Overall, you will look back and say to yourself, “Hey, look at that, I felt great and I had great performance, and I didn’t even realize how much higher I was functioning.”

The only way to discover the Energy By Science effect is to try it for yourself.

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