The Next Superfood: The Powerful Fruit Everyone Will Soon Be Talking About

While the concept of superfoods is pretty well-known throughout mainstream America today, chances are you haven’t heard of this fruit. That is, not yet. Like most superfoods, they are destined for stardom once word gets out about their long list of powerful benefits. Ten years ago, very few people had heard about goji berries or acai - now everyone seems to be talking about them!

The pineberry is a strawberry-looking fruit, one that very few people have heard of, let alone have actually tried. While they look like a strawberry, their taste is actually very similar to that of a pineapple, which is exactly where they get their name. The oldest variety from the strawberry family, pineberries are a cross between the Chilean white strawberry and the red strawberry found in North America.

Here are seven reasons why this berry is primed for superfood picking:


  1. They naturally boost your immune system. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, pineberries are capable of fortifying your immune system, helping to prevent common viruses and even the flu.
  1. They can strengthen your bones. And they can actually strengthen your teeth too! The high levels of vitamin A found in pineberries is essential to your body’s ability to strengthen its bones and protect the health of your teeth.
  1. They can aid and prevent digestive issues. Rich in fiber, pineberries aid bowel movement while simultaneously helping to lower cholesterol and stave off heart disease. Because of their high fiber levels, this fruit will help satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling full longer.
  1. They can improve the health of your heart. Potassium helps to control your body’s blood pressure. Because pineberries are packed with potassium, they are capable of helping people to avoid serious issues, like heart failure, heart disease, and strokes.
  1. They naturally boost energy. While most people are hesitant of foods high in carbohydrates, carbs are what help to give your body energy. A good reason to look twice at the high levels of carbohydrates in the pineberry.
  1. They are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidation in the body, making foods, like the pineberry, that are naturally rich in them helpful for preventing things like heart disease and some cancers.
  1. They are ideal for women who are pregnant. Women who are expecting need folate to help ensure proper growth and development of their baby. Pineberries are rich in folate, making them a great snack for moms-to-be!

One of the most exciting parts about the pineberry is that you can grow it right in your own backyard, picking the tasty (and super powerful) little fruits from March to December.

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