Can You Eliminate Caffeine and Still Have Energy?

 Our lives are busy, hectic, and sometimes chaotic, with the modern lifestyle going at an ever-more frenetic pace. With a finite supply of energy and a seemingly-infinite series of tasks before us, it’s unfortunately all too common for people to run out of their energy before they run out of tasks. Reining in the pace or reducing the amount of tasks isn’t always an option. So we turn to caffeine for that magical burst of the extra energy we needed, only to begin the cycle over again the next day. “I’d rather be productive at work than stay unaddicted to caffeine,” we say, and shrug our shoulders over the unfortunate reality that there doesn’t seem to be any other choice.

You do have a choice

When you keep yourself propped up on caffeine in order to make it through your day, it may seem as though you have no other choice. However, there is a way out, which we will explore below.

Do I even want a way out?

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are easy to love and hard to let go of. However, there are a number of good reasons why the answer is yes, you do want to be free from a caffeine-dependent lifestyle. Ultimately, caffeine takes more than it gives. However, there are also a number of ways that caffeine affects your overall health, where you’ll do yourself a favor if you can get away from it.

What’s involved in taking the plunge?

For most people, it simply isn’t practical to merely eliminate caffeine from your diet. Even if you’re convinced that it’s better for you, you’ll run into a difficult week or an intense project that leaves you feeling more spent than usual, and you’ll go back to caffeine because you know the instant, reliable boost you get from it.

A two-pronged approach

To get off caffeine, you shouldn’t just approach it like “I take this pill and I’m done.”

Caffeine is simple. You drink coffee, you feel more awake. It’s only afterward that you have the crash, and there’s an almost imperceptible buildup of the negative health effects that you’ll experience from caffeine dependency. Our brains are not good at choosing to forego instant gratification for a longer-term reward.

Having natural, sustained energy is different. It requires a little bit more investment that just swallowing a pill. Getting off the caffeine hamster wheel and onto a vibrant, thriving life is a worthwhile pursuit, but it requires you to be intentional in more areas than just the two seconds it takes to swallow your energy capsule.

Here’s the two-pronged approach that we would recommend for it to work for you.

First, you need to give your body the building blocks it needs in order to produce sustained energy. Your body knows how to store energy and use it when it’s needed, but it needs you to give it the fuel to do this in the form of the right vitamins and minerals. The Energy By Science Energy Supplement contains a power-packed punch of B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, chromium, and herbs that will give your body a natural energy boost.

If you do this by itself, you’ll see an energy boost, but if you do it in conjunction with a healthier diet, you’ll get even better results, because otherwise, your diet will be working in opposition to your supplements. It doesn’t make sense to eat one thing that breaks down your system and then try to correct that by eating another thing that builds your system back up. Why not cut out the things that break down your system? They only present an obstacle to you having optimum energy levels. For instance, pay attention to how you feel after every meal. If you start to notice a trend, like, “Hey, every time I eat pasta for lunch, I go into a food coma for the rest of the afternoon,” you should pick a different item for lunch.

Second, you need to get the best sleep you can possibly get so that you’re not dragging and groggy during the day. Many people simply don’t have the luxury of getting more hours of sleep, but you can get better sleep by trying the natural sleep capsules from Energy By Science.

Eliminating caffeine from your diet isn’t easy, but it’s possible, and the rewards are worth it. In an upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about some of the outcomes you can expect when you make the transition from caffeine dependency into a naturally-energized life, so be sure to check back soon. Get into a healthier pattern today!

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