How to Keep Your Energy Factory Humming

Whether you’re an athlete looking for peak performance or a person struggling with unusual fatigue, you’ll probably agree: more energy would be a good thing.

Enjoying more energy is possible in your daily life when you take a nutrition-based approach, and in this blog post from Energy By Science, we’d like to take a look at how to maximize and sustain your energy.


What Do You Need to Feel Great and Have Energy?

The universal energy currency in your body is a molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP for short. When your body breaks down ATP, it releases a bite-sized portion of energy that is the perfect amount to keep your cells doing their jobs without creating excessive heat or combustion that would be destructive to your delicate cell structures. If every cell in your body has a continual supply of ATP, you’ll feel great and have energy. And if you run low on ATP in any given moment, you’ll know it! (Think of the fatigue and muscle soreness that comes after an extra-long workout.)

However, even building just one ATP molecule is a complicated process. It requires a series of steps that is comparable to the way that a manufacturing facility has to take many steps to process raw materials and turn them into usable goods.


How Energy Production Gets Held Up

The fact is, there are so many moving pieces in this process that your body can easily experience holdups in the process from turning energy into fuel. If one piece of equipment is missing, the system can work extra slowly or stop working altogether. That’s not good news for the human being who is experiencing this holdup.

Your cells know what to do, but they need to be given the equipment they need to do their jobs. This is where nutrition kicks in. If you are running low on energy and you turn to caffeine, it actually strips needed nutritional resources away from vital systems in order to deliver the energy boost you’ve asked for. The cost is greater than the benefit.

However, in a nutrition-based approach to energy, you’ll strategically give cells the building blocks that they are missing. When you do this, you’ll discover natural, long-lasting energy that doesn’t come with a crash.


The Building Blocks You Need

So what exactly does your body need in order to keep that energy factory humming?

Energy By Science has done the research to put together a product that contains the ingredients that will interact with your body’s systems to boost energy naturally. We have researched the vital building blocks that are typically low or missing, and then we’ve compiled all these pieces into one easy-to-take, energy-boosting product.

In this infographic, you’ll see the four strategic areas that you need to address in order to ensure that you have enough energy for your needs. You’ll also see the exact ingredients that it takes to get you there.

The Ingredients You Need for Energy - Without Caffeine!

The Four Strategic Areas You Need to Address In Boosting Your Energy Naturally

Fluid Balance and Hydration

Having the right amount of fluids and electrolytes is essential for maximum energy production. You must hydrate, fuel, and charge your cells in order for them to perform at their peak.

Cellular Energy and Metabolism

The currency your cells use for energy is called ATP. However, making ATP from your food requires your body to go through a detailed process, and if your cells are missing some equipment along the way, you’ll end up with less energy. Give your cells the equipment they need to keep those ATP factories humming.

Mental Energy and Focus

Your brain consumes a huge amount of energy, and mental energy is a huge part of being able to push to new heights with your physical energy. Give your brain the fuel it needs to be sharp.

Stress and Burnout Recovery

When life presses you down, how do you bounce back? Maximizing your energy output also means repairing what’s worn down. Fight fatigue and burnout with the right nutrition.

To take a detailed look at the ingredients we’ve used and the job that each one performs, check out the bottom of our Energy Capsules page. We have been very selective in giving you the highest-quality combination of ingredients that will provide you natural, sustained energy. Get your energy supplement today.

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