Are Energy Pills Bad For You?

Everything you do requires energy, and the amount of energy you have dictates your bandwidth for how many projects you can handle. Whether you’re young and you’ve never run into the limits of your energy, or you’ve experienced aging or illness and you have had to cut down on what you could do in a day, you need energy to complete your daily tasks and win the daily battles you face. 

More energy often means better performance, ability to do more interesting things, and capacity to take on more at one time. Anyone with a go-getter, competitive mentality wants to do all these things anyway. However, it’s possible to run into that moment when you say to yourself, “My brain, my optimism, and my inner drive all want me to do more than this, but my energy is maxed out. Now what?”

In that moment, you may start looking for which supplements, foods, and lifestyle changes can make a difference to give you the energy boost you need to take on that opportunity. However, when you are confronted with the staggering array of products out there, each claiming to be the best, you might start to wonder, “Are these energy pills safe?” In this article, we’d like to explore the safety of your energy supplement and look at some questions you should ask yourself to find energy pills that work.

2 Questions You Should Ask About Your Energy Pills

  1. Are the ingredients safe? Look at the ingredients that the energy capsules contain. If you see any unfamiliar ingredients, look them up and see what they are. Ask yourself in particular if these ingredients are natural substances that your body already uses, or if they are foreign substances that stimulate an unnatural reaction in your system. For example, Pantothenic Acid might sound like the name of a scary pharmaceutical, but it’s really vitamin B5. On the other hand, Methylsynephrine is an ingredient that some energy products contain. It claims to increase energy and improve athletic performance in some energy products, but it comes with some serious health risks, including heart attack. Our Energy By Science supplement contains 100% safe and natural ingredients that your body will know how to use.
  2. Is this product addictive? Energy supplements can promise to deliver a boost to your athletic performance, but if they do this at the expense of getting you addicted, we would recommend that you keep looking. Caffeine is the #1 culprit with addictive properties in most energy pills. While caffeine does provide a short-term boost, its long-term toll actually depletes your body of energy. Since it’s not necessary to use caffeine in order deliver true energy and athletic performance, we have chosen to make our energy pills 100% caffeine free.

When you are looking for a source of natural, healthy energy, the Energy By Science product brings you a vitamin-based product that was created and produced by a medical professional out of dissatisfaction with all the other options in the market. Order your energy capsules today!

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