Jon Brickner

Pro Mountain Bike Racer

Hometown: Winter Park, Colorado
Before a competition or after a hard period of training sleep is critical.
Training is great but without recovery it gets you know where. I’ve been interested is sleep products because I know how important recovery is. I have heard negative comments like once you start you can’t sleep with out it, or you wake up tired and groggy.
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I recently just started using the Energy Capsules. Depending upon the activity, I take anywhere from 2 to 4 capsules depending upon the activity and event.
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A healthy soultion for optimal results.


I started riding when I was in preschool using the neighbor's bikes.  The first time I tried, I just went over to their house and grabbed the smallest one, hoped on and off I went.
A few months later I asked Mom to get me one.  She said I first needed to learn how to ride a bike before I got one.  I said "I do know how to ride, watch."  I went over to the neighbor's backyard where they stored the bikes and grabbed the small one, hoped on and I was riding. Mom said "well I guess you do know how to ride."  Shortly after that I got my 1st BMX bike.
At 39 I’m still riding as much as I can. Biking has been a major part of my life.
I started racing BMX bikes when I was very young. Through grade school and middle school, I went to the dirt tracks down the road everyday.

When I was in high school I got my first mountain bike, a 1989 Giant.  I liked all the gears and it went faster than a BMX bike.  The big wheels covered ground and you could ride it off road and jump it too. After a few rides I knew it would fit perfect in my life.

At the age of 19 I moved out of my parents house and into a house of young men who were mountain bike racers in Vail, Colorado. They asked if I road and I said "O-Yeah."

With the Experience of BMX racing, I was eager to give mountain bike racing a chance.  

They took me to my first beginner's race and I was so impressed with all the athletes especially the Experts and Pros. I wanted to be like them, but had a ways to go.

After 4 years of riding, as often as I could, I finally made to the Expert class.
From 19 to 36 I didn’t train. I just road my bike a lot and raced. At 37 I decided to take my racing more seriously and started training.

Now at 39 I’m a trained cyclist. I found I like training because it gives each ride a purpose, it pays off on race day and my personal goals get higher.

1st — 2011 Series Winner in Cat 1 Mountain States Cup Series
1st — 2011 Series Winner in Expert Men 35 - 39 Epic Single Track Series
1st — 2011 Cat 1 Men's Fruita Rabbit Valley Rally TT Mountain States Cup
2nd — 2011 Cat 1 Men's Colorado Springs TT Mountain States Cup
1st Overall Champion — Epic Singletrack Series Expert
Silver Medal — 2010 Cat 2 Men's USA National Championships
1st — 2010 Expert Men's Hill Climb
2nd — 2010 Expert Men's Mary Jane Circuit
2nd — 2010 Expert Men's King of Rockies
2nd — 2010 Cat 2 Men's Natharop Mountain States Cup
2nd — 2009 Cat 2 Men's Sol Vista Mountain States Cup

3rd Overall Champion — Epic Singletrack Series Sport
3rd — 2008 Sport Men's Cross Country Super Loop 3rd
2nd — 2008 Sport Men's Cranks works Cross Country 2nd
2nd — 2008 Sport Men's Mountain Circuit 2nd
1st — 2008 Sport Men's King of Rockies 1st
1st — 2006 Sport Men's King of Rockies